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August 22nd - August 28th, 2016


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Rita Ann Freeman

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became DailyScopes.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.


With the moon and Aries on the 22nd when the sun changes signs into Virgo, cooperation maybe difficult to come by but it appears to last for only the day. By day's end... the cooperation increases and the last few hours of the work day and the first few hours of your leisure day appear to be a lot more cooperative. Push to get as much as done as you can before the 24th as heavy communications, long discussions or complicated dynamics are likely to complicate for certain members of the family, especially with siblings of any sign, Gemini, Virgo, Cancer or Sagittarius individuals.


Romance this week may be a bit challenging, particularly the 24th to 26th when things can become convoluted, over explained or even draining in verbal exchanges. Some good fortune is likely for a few Rams who are single and looking on the 24th the 27th and the 28th... but their appear to be limited hours early on the 24th... late on the 27th and midday on the 28th. Arguments and bickering are common especially with 'partners' coworkers and siblings to begin with particularly if they are Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Pisces or Taurus. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Being called upon at the last moment for some kind of the emergency buy a pal for financial reasons appears likely the 22nd to 24th... for advice needs the 25th and 26th... and for help with domestic chores, errands or family problems the 27th and 28th. However it's essential for you to know that on the 26th to 28th it may be very important for you to think first about how deeply you become invested or embroil in any family dynamics with a pal... Common sense pretty much dictates this one.


Business concerns appear to dominate over money the 22nd and possibly into the 23rd with most of the effort going towards practical application, problem solving and basic need. Communications devices, phones, computers and particularly anything that deals with transportation or shipping may take a huge bite out of your career budget in terms of time, effort OR money, the 24th to 26th. Make sure you answer all inquiries quickly the 25th and be as clear as you possibly can, since mistakes, convoluted information and errors are common particularly with Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Virgo.


troubling the 23rd to 24th

Overview for Aries

State of Mind: eager but held back often especially the 25th and 26th
Karma Numbers: 6, 9, 12, 44, 51
Buzz Words: try to be conservative when required
Compatible Sign: Some Aquarius, Virgo and a few Libra.

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning:

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to find a system that caters to your needs. Your diplomatic ability will satisfy everybody concerns. You may receive more interest than you anticipated. You can appreciate the simple mechanics that drive a complex machine. You are always on the lookout for the right opening. Others may be happy with things as they are, but you like to make statements whenever possible. Criticism can be a good opportunity for reflection and change. No one will suspect your insincerity if you are truthful. There's no need to keep everything so secret. If someone calls attention to a fault, step forward and prove your strength. Lucky Numbers: 9, 10, 16, 31, 32, 440 Read more...

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Message from the Team

Check your personal astrology report for the end of August and early September. As Mercury goes retrograde on August 30th, the new personal reports give you more insight about what's important.

Here in Belgium voting is compulsory during elections. I think this is a great law because when you participate in your society and community you can direct the shape of your society.

Even if your favorite/best party or person doesn't win the elections, you still did your duty and contributed to the democratic process.

People who don't vote (when legally possible), should not be allowed to complain about the outcome or about the political directions and decisions which are made after the election. The Brexit vote in the UK showed more abstainer's regret than buyer's remorse.

I've been thinking a lot about this issue for the last few months and the direction the world is taking, is pretty scary.

Therefore I urge everybody, go to vote in the elections in your country.

Have a great start into the new week!

Jochen "Joe" Savelberg