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Capricorn Horoscopes

August 31st - September 6th, 2015


Private Life: * * / 3
Money and Job: * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Rita Ann Freeman

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became DailyScopes.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.


Minor issues may spark a long OR rather important discussion/exchange the AM of the 31st that may carry into the 2nd before a resolution is almost 'forced into place'. Be a willing participant and keep that 'practical bone' of yours in charge, no matter WHAT the topic nor how distracting the subject may be. Many of you scramble wonderful 'fixes' RIGHT into place the 2nd to 4th with marvelous outcomes. Everyone may feel 'you did the best that could be done'. Money WILL be a part of it. The 4th things switch to more 'discipline' related, where youth, actions, words and 'putting it in writing' MAY become the 'likely mode of the day'. In some cases, that can even spill into the 5th AND 6th but otherwise, they appear enjoyable with gatherings and exchanges.


Romance may be 'cut short' this week for a few of you who are too easily distracted by either money woes or family issues and there MAY even be cancellations of more 'desirable' events to accommodate the needs; likely leaving the love object NOT TOO DANG HAPPY... You will have to 'balance one against the other' IF you hit this one. Otherwise, it appears to be only a mediocre week for the Sea Goat with only 'fair' chances on any 'long term success' unless you hook up with an Aries or a Libra! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Pals may not be as supportive as you could USE this week for some of you... especially IF you get 'hit up for a loan' which is VERY likely... my advice? Take a GOOD LONG LOOK at this person's history. Have they always 'paid you back' or made up for it successfully? Then it's likely a GO. IF not... you may want to sleep on it, especially IF the request comes in between the 3rd into 4th or the afternoon/evening of the 6th.


For many of you, the focus is on 'success' and WITHIN this week for an important cross section of you. I can see that there ARE Capricorns who have things 'well maneuvered' into place and ready to 'spring the timing' just RIGHT! This week may be IT for many of you, especially if it is appearing like your 'ideal days' are going to 'come together' the 2nd into 3rd.


Focused on the future; especially Jan/Feb of '16

Overview for Capricorn

State of Mind: Focused on the future, especially the 6th to 8th
Karma Numbers: 9, 11, 19, 29, 99 including 1999
Buzz Words: Practical choices first.
Compatible Sign: Taurus, June Cancers and some Pisces.

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning:

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by a real breakthrough in your personal life. You may feel unusually high-strung. Don't allow your tension to cause you to make a wrong move or a false start. Stick with what you know, both in things and in people. Someone you've known a long time may contact you from a far distance. If possible, you should plan a reunion along with mates and partners. In your professional life, you may feel a little overworked and undervalued. Being a part of a team may not come through on a promise of help. It's a pain, but don't overreact to other's attitudes. Let your mate help you to release your tension. You'll both rest easier, when you and your partner can connect and tell each other your troubles. Lucky Numbers: 8, 9, 11, 17, 27, 47 Read more...

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