Horoscope for Aquarius

Daily Horoscope for 17th September 2014

daily horoscope for aquarius

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You will meet people totally outside your usual circle of friends. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear. You will be very attracted by a member of the opposite sex.

Problems will be resolved with no difficulty, everything will fit into place. You will try hard to put your ideas into operation. Good position if you are in an examination period, or in a competition.

You will be in good health and have lots of vitality. Things will go along by themselves, without you having to bother about them. You will want to listen to music, you will appreciate beautiful things, paintings, everything that is harmonious, elegant, aesthetic even more than before.

You will be in perfect control of yourself. You will have a lot of luck and happiness. You will have a lot of vitality and be bursting with energy.

You will not be able to stand any constraint. You will feel on top form, in good humor without really knowing why.

You want to move, to travel, to see friends. Your ambitions will outstrip your abilities. You will be impulsive and imprudent: you will easily lose the run of yourself and may well become violent.

Each time you do something, want to change something, innovate no matter what, you'll be hit over the head. You will be attracted by the occult, but will be incompetent at doing anything practical.

The most important thing for you will be the ways in which you can earn a lot of money. You will often be prone to fear, imaginary terrors. The letter you are so eagerly awaiting will never arrive: {she|he} will have forgotten you.

You take your time, and will think carefully before taking the slightest decision, but you run the risk of losing contracts by your lack of vivacity.

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