Horoscope for Aquarius

Daily Horoscope for 31st July 2015

daily horoscope for aquarius

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This is a good time for all intellectual work. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear. You will have a lot of luck.

You will want to distinguish yourself from other people by a new attitude to life. There will certainly be a change in your life, a change for the better. No effect on the material level.

Association between independence and imagination: your imagination could bring out a creative streak: you will search for novelty, originality and innovation in your activities. This transit will make you more sociable. Your faith in yourself will be stronger, your convictions will be reinforced.

You will be objective, lively, competent, prudent and calculating. Time when you get real pleasure from entertaining friends. You will feel good.

You will feel on top form, take the initiative. Your faith in yourself and a lack of materialism will be obvious. You will have a lot of vitality and be bursting with energy.

You will be in a good mood, business will go well, love life will be fine, you will want to go out and see the world. You will not be able to stand any constraint.

This will be a period when you will be interested in everything around you, in social life.

Time when you will be aggressive, sometimes even violent. You will fall in love, that violent and passionate irrational love. You will be easily irritated, your words will be insulting, outrageous and sarcastic.

You will not feel very much at ease, a feeling that all's not well or of emptiness around you will encase you as if you were in a thick fog. Time when love life is not going well. You will often be prone to fear, imaginary terrors.

Your ideas will be as unsound as your character.

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