Horoscope for Cancer

Daily Horoscope for 2nd October 2014

daily horoscope for cancer

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You will have unexpected good fortune and lucky opportunities. No effect on the material level. Meeting new people, full of originality.

You will feel good, at ease, calm and peaceful. You will be in perfect control of yourself. You will have a period when dreams shall be king.

You will be objective, lively, competent, prudent and calculating. You will have a lot of luck and happiness. You will want to go out, to travel, to see friends.

Everything depends on the position of Saturn in the birth chart. Very good time for those who work in contact with the public, clients or an audience. Association between independence and imagination: your imagination could bring out a creative streak: you will search for novelty, originality and innovation in your activities.

You will feel good. You will not be able to stand any constraint. You will have a most respectable life.

There will certainly be big changes in your life, which are not particularly desirable and will be sudden. You will lack vitality. Your ideas will be as unsound as your character.

You will be attracted by the occult, but will be incompetent at doing anything practical. This influence is very depressing.

The most important thing for you will be the ways in which you can earn a lot of money. You will fall in love, that violent and passionate irrational love.

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