Horoscope for Leo

Daily Horoscope for 26th March 2017

daily horoscope for leo

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You will be on top form, really healthy, in good spirits. You will have a most respectable life. You will have a period when dreams shall be king.

Very good time for those who work in contact with the public, clients or an audience. Good creative period, if you are a little artistic. Good time to settle all your present problems.

This transit will reinforce your down-to-earth side. You will be determined and energetic. You will feel good, the weight taken off your shoulders, light as air: you will have the feeling of owning the whole world, being free, being able to do whatever you want.

You will live through a very good period, especially on the intellectual front. You will be in good health and have lots of vitality. You will see everything through rose-tinted spectacles.

You will be enthusiastic, frank, sincere, upright. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear.

Good position if you are in an examination period, or in a competition. This transit will make you more sociable.

You will try hard to put your ideas into operation. No effect on the material level. You will have a lot of vitality and be bursting with energy.

A dead calm as far as love is concerned. Not always pleasant surprises in store. The most important thing for you will be the ways in which you can earn a lot of money.

You will lose interest and leave aside your obligations.

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