Horoscope for Sagittarius

Daily Horoscope for 2nd September 2014

daily horoscope for sagittarius

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Meeting new people, full of originality. You will know how to catch in flight every possible opportunity. Everything depends on the position of Saturn in the birth chart.

Good time for love affairs: you will be in great form, and look {handsome|beautiful}. Time when you get real pleasure from entertaining friends. You will thirst for knowledge.

You will not be able to stand any constraint. You will be enthusiastic, frank, sincere, upright. You will be attracted by an unusual person, whose charm will bewitch you.

This transit will make you more sociable. Good physical resistance, you will be able to undertake lengthy tasks, without getting too tired.

You will live through a very good period, especially on the intellectual front. You will have a lot of luck.

You will want to distinguish yourself from other people by a new attitude to life. You will be full of energy, and take on the work of Hercules. You would be able to create something original, novel, singular. You will have a mad desire to party, you will abuse the pleasures that Life offers. A time when you will tend to be a little too credulous, trusting and naive. You will be attracted by the occult, but will be incompetent at doing anything practical.

This influence is very depressing. You want to move, to travel, to see friends.

A dead calm as far as love is concerned. You will be a little eccentric.

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