Horoscope for Scorpio

Daily Horoscope for 26th March 2017

daily horoscope for scorpio

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You will want to achieve something amazing. You will meet people totally outside your usual circle of friends. You will be determined and energetic.

You will be in good health and have lots of vitality. Good creative period, if you are a little artistic. You will feel good.

A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear. You will be very ambitious during this period.

No effect on the material level.

You will try hard to put your ideas into operation.

You will be impulsive and bold, and - as a result of your lack of forethought - will have a few problems or accidents. You will have more energy than you know how to channel. You will fall in love, that violent and passionate irrational love.

Family life a little disturbed. Beware of over-spending. Be careful in love.

Your judgement will be hasty. You will lose interest and leave aside your obligations.

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