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Birthdays for 25th of April

Talia Shire1946Lake Success New York
Actress, Francis Ford Coppola's sister, films include "The Godfather" 1972, "The Godfather Part II" 1974, "Rocky" 1976 
Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Ascendant: Taurus
Al Pacino1940Manhattan New York
Actor, versatile characters films inc."The Godfather" 1972, "Serpico" 1973, Tony Award for "Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie?" 
Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Ascendant: Sagittarius
Meadowlark Lemon1933Lexington South Carolina
Basketball, b. George, played with Harlem Globetrotters 
Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Ascendant: Libra
Gugelielmo Marconi1874Bologna Italy
Inventor wireless telegraph, 1909 Nobel Prize, active role in WWI, represented Italy at Paris Peace Conference 1919 
Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Ascendant: Cancer
Princess Alice Maud1843London England
Alice Maud Mary, third child of Queen Victoria and carrier of hemophilia gene, died Dec. 14 1878 of diptheria 
Zodiac Sign: Taurus - Ascendant: Aries