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December 15th - December 21st, 2014


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Rita Ann Freeman

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became DailyScopes.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.


Life may feel like 'pin the tail on the donkey'. That is because this week, you may BE the donkey... one poke after another and one demand after another may have you feeling alone, surly and down right ready to 'throw the towel in'. Don't do THAT! Sit your family down, explain your needs and ask for their help. TRUST me, they are going to do it if it is any where near reasonable, necessary or doable.


Romance is likely to take on VERY high sexual energy overtones as gushing hormones hit you, aware or not, like a wall of brick and don't you shake your head!!! I dare you to drink enough to reach your inhibition level with in safe guidelines the evening of the 17th anytime, to evening of the 19th . THEN come back and shake your head! LOL What a week if you are looking for THAT kind of cooperation. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends can surprise you this week as some are slated to turn lover for the Stinger. IT can come 'out of left field' when you least expect it or suddenly realize that 'hints' that show you things you were totally unaware of... just moments before you 'discovered it'. Good luck with that one. For those Stingers who miss it; you may become 'sharply or suddenly aware' that a pal thinks far more highly of you than you realized or thought; gratitude energy is high.


You poor Stinger souls who have 'been dangling and waiting' for developments in your career, backing or financing, the 'nod' or go ahead on pet projects... it is ALL coming soon... I PROMISE and you know that I normally ever make ANY of those but in some 'way, shape or form' MANY Scorpios who have been 'waiting, trusting, being patient, hoping, trying and putting in TRUE heart and soul' WILL BE REWARDED! It can happen anytime between NOW and November of 2017. Many of you are in line for 'now'. The longer, the better!


Coming soon.

Overview for Scorpio

State of Mind: Creative
Karma Numbers: 9, 12, 14, 52, 56
Buzz Words: Dwell within the moment.
Compatible Sign: Taurus, Capricorn

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning:

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to share your joys with others. If you are unsure of your feelings, you need to be more definite with your goals. Lately, you haven't been paying too much attention to those close to you. Do your best to make them feel more comfortable with the recent changes that have occurred in your lives. You need to be more sensitive to their needs. Try to reach a real understanding on issues that are important to both of you. Leave nothing to chance. By week's end, plan a candlelight dinner for two. Express your inner most feelings. Music or dancing could have a great impact on both of you. Sparks may fly. Take the initiative and make plans to enjoy something new. It may be stressful at first, but it is necessary for you to get away for some quiet time. Lucky Numbers: 2, 5, 27, 29, 39, 48 Read more...

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