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1st House

The first house and the sign that rules this house, is also known as the Ascendant or rising sign, or that zodiac point which is actually crossing against the horizon at the exact time of your birth. It denotes your outer personality and physical constitution. The Ascendant is about interaction with you and the environment, the meeting point between the individual and the external world. Its sign denotes the animal heat and corporeal vigor. The planet ruling the sign of the Ascendant is considered one of the principal ruling planets of the horoscope. First house placement is so important, that the degree of the sign rising is treated as though it were a planet with regards to aspects with other planets and with regards to pinpointing details of the health chart of the native - his/her mind, body, strength, diseases subject to, etc. The sign on the Ascendant denotes the body's conductance or resistance to the inflow of prana or vital energy. It is conducted best by fire and air signs; and resistant if the rising sign is of water or earth elements.

In every sense the first house should be called the native's personality as it shows what is on the surface, how you appear to others, how the world sees you or what we call the native. Thus the horoscope is also called the nativity chart. Outsiders are attracted to you by this sign. It accounts for those glaring contradictions we find in human behavior. You may feel yourself as sexy, yet it is not picked up by others or appears that way due to your rising sign's influence, and vice versa. It explains why some people are forever getting in trouble or attracting trouble through no intentions of their own. When the first house contains no planets, it means individuality is not a matter of personal concern, these individuals accept themselves "as is". If the first house contains one or more planets, then the native is consciously concerned about some aspect of his identity. There is some dynamic or hang-up that needs resolution, karmically speaking.

Planets in the first house indicate the native is aggressive and strives to be "first" denoted by the planet or planets posited. These individuals usually have a difficult time resting and relaxing their bodies which they need to learn in order to insure good health. First house people tend to be individualists with a forceful drive and ambition in life.

The first house shows the organic elements, the physiological factors, and the physical characteristics which determine the strength and resistance of the body. The Ascendant and the first house represents the "original impulse of individual being", or the self as a particular vibration and rhythm, and the unique soul destiny of the individual. It indicates essentially the type of experience through which he/she will best discover who they are. The zodiacal sign on the Ascendant normally tells us the "dharma" of the individual, the central potentiality which the conscious person is seeking to actualize. If there are planets in the first house they indicate the kinds of functions which will be most valuable in the process of discovery of one's authentic being. Thus, the planets and the first house ruling planet show the way to impel performance of specific acts.

One can often discover what zodiacal sign was rising at birth (if time of birth is not known) by studying a person's facial features and expression. The head symbolizes the essential character of the individual. The head is ruled by the first house. The first house rules the body form, constitution, and temperament. The physical appearance, strength and vitality, weight, height, color of hair and eyes, etc. are largely determined by the rising sign, degree rising on the cusp, etc. The position of the first house ruler and planets rising modifies these features. The zodiacal sign ascending denotes the part of the body more liable to affliction from external causes such as trauma and infection.

The benefics, Jupiter and Venus, in the first house at birth indicate a good constitution, whereas the malefics, Saturn and Mars, denote scars, birthmarks, moles and defects of the head. This house at birth, and by direction, signifies all diseases of the head, face, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. This house is closely associated with the feelings, sensations, emotions, manners, passions, and dispositions of the native. In this regards, it explains why the Sun sign does not reflect all the features of the native, and why the Ascendant and the Moon sign are of equal importance in the analysis of the health horoscope.

Regarding the compatibility of healer and patient, the rising sign in each natal map should be in harmony, belonging to the same triplicity, that is in trine or sextile to each other. If the patient has Aries on the Ascendant at birth, his/her healer should also have a fire sign on the Ascendant, as in Leo or Sagittarius. If the healer employed has Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn on the Ascendant it would tend to be adverse, if not in results, certainly in relationship and cooperation. The sextile and trines naturally tend to inspire confidence and faith between healer and patient.

AFFLICTIONS: Head and face, endocrine disturbances which affect the mental states, brain tumors, high fevers, meningitis, migraines.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: White, pink, red, champagne


Those born during this hour have a craving for knowledge as well as practicality and conservatism. Being inherently mental, these individuals are forever scheming at work, improving conditions and transactions. Ideas and projects seem to take up every waking moment. Many are super salesman, efficient negotiators, and good health care providers. Being natural critics, they are prone to worry and anxiety. This sign rules the small intestine, making them prone to intestinal upset and duodenal ulcers. As these individuals have a tendency to be overly concerned with health, diet and hygiene, many of them become hypochondriacs.

This position tends to indicate very thin, delicate, and tender skin. Most people with Virgo rising are slim, and even the fat ones look thin from the back until you see the pot belly in front. They stay slim from worry, with their face showing the usual pensive and worried expression. They should learn to dress well so that their disproportional body will not show. Virgos can be either meticulous dressers or absolute slobs. They should avoid taking medications for the bowels, especially laxatives, antacids, etc., as it weakens them even further. Virgos are typically susceptible to suggestion, especially in health matters and should choose their doctors carefully.

The rising sign is divided into thirds, or 3 "decanates", which have a powerful influence over the appearance and form of your body. The sign is simply divided into three 10 aspects as follows: 0-10 first decanate, 11-20 second decanate, and 21-30 third decanate. Each decanate is ruled over by a planet. The first ten degrees is ruled over by the indigenous sign ruler, the second takes on the qualities of the next elemental ruler, and the third the successive element sign ruler. Thus, the first decanate of Aries is ruled by its Mars, the second takes on the qualities of Leo, and the third would combine the qualities of Aires and Sagittarius, and so on throughout the zodiac. Simply locate the first house on your natal chart and note which degree is rising in the sign listed. This gives you your decanate. If in the last few degrees of the sign, e.g. 26 or more, you would also take on characteristics of the first decanate of the following sign.

FIRST DECANATE APPEARANCE: Virgo usually gives a slight, sensitive, elegant body which is often tall. The eyes are fine but show melancholy, the nose sometimes aquiline (eagle like), and the mouth has a full bottom lip. Like Gemini and Pisces, the body is short in comparison with the legs, and they often stoop when walking. The hair is plentiful and usually dark.

KEYWORDS: Analytic, sober, studious, focused, materialistic.

SECOND DECANATE APPEARANCE: The decanate of Capricorn, has the sloping shoulders of Capricorns and the harsh expressions and voice. The lips are thin.

KEYWORDS: Methodical, cautious, gloomy, scientific.

THIRD DECANATE APPEARANCE: The physique is clearly Taurian - short, squarely built with slender limbs with a tendency to stoutness in middle life. On the whole, considered the most fortunate of the three.

KEYWORDS: Artistic, theatrical, philosophic, prudent.

EMPOWERING COLORS, GEMS, AND FRAGRANCES: Dark blue, black/brown, amber, scarlet; agate, aventurine; sage, dill, fennel, patchouli.


PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Abdominal disorders, colic, constipation, loose stools, dyspepsia, indigestion; gluttony; mental chaos..

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Lives through serious illnesses (especially if well aspected Sun and Moon).

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