Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs

10th House

In the tenth house an individual meets experiences which result from his/her successes or failures in gaining social, public or professional position. He/she is integrated, or fails to become integrated into the social collective and public status in the community. It is one’s “office” which defines one’s stand in the community. First house potential becomes actualized in the tenth, if all has gone well during the unfoldment of preceding houses. It is a house of vitalistic functions, being on the Midheaven or zenith. The tenth house, the house of Midheaven, corresponds to the sign Capricorn. It rules the knees, hamstrings and thighs. Planets in this house have a powerful influence in matters of health and disease, especially in regards to nervous tension and stress developed from one’s career, as well as injury from falls, blows, or the death of a parent. In the male nativity it rules the father, in the female nativity the mother and the affairs of the mother.

If the tenth house is unoccupied by planets, the native’s ambitions and their probable outcome are more directly related to that area of his affairs where the ruling planet falls where the tenth house cusp is found. If the house is occupied, the native has a conscious struggle both to formulate his ambitions and put them across to other people. Any planet in the tenth house reveals more of the outcome of this house than the actual sign or “house rulership. ” Planets in the tenth house contribute directly to the native’s position in life. Their worries, internal pressures and incessant need to work hard may drive them into chronic illness.

AFFLICTIONS: Obesity, anorexia nervosa; nervous tension, self-undoing, misery; accidents; evil of a parent, the “sins of the father passed onto the sons”.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Gray, brown, black, white


The tenth house reveals one’s ambitions and the degree of worldly success he/she may receive. Gemini ruling the tenth house indicates these natives desire to be known for their mental abilities. Having a well placed Mercury is essential or many conflicts are to be overcome. These individuals must be careful to discriminate between foods wisely as they are prone to overindulge on occasion.


This position indicates a native of high moral standards, who consciously or subconsciously seeks public forum to display their intellectual talent. The native’s qualities will draw people of high social standing, and enable him/her to secure influential positions in church, state, law or public appointments. If Jupiter is favorably aspected to Saturn, Sun, Moon, Venus or Mercury, the native may amass great wealth and take a prominent part in the stock exchange, banking, shipping, mercantile or trust essential to the public welfare. Jupiter’s influence also suggests the potential for the father to have wealth, honor and status, and that he is a generous parent who broadens the native’s intellectual horizon, and gives him/her valuable assistance and advice. If Jupiter is afflicted, especially by Saturn or the luminaries, it shows that the character is not reliable. The native may rise in social standing, but is liable to meet with obstacles in business, and downfall or disrepute in the public eye.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Anorexia nervosa, periodic losses of appetite.


Jupiter trine Saturn indicates a strong character with a profoundly philosophical mind, and a benevolent disposition with a strong sense of justice. These individuals consequently gain the honor and esteem of the community. They carry through plans and fulfill their obligations. They are willing to help others only if they in turn help themselves.


Jupiter conjunct Uranus indicates a native that may be involved in changing the status quo or society by war, new and eccentric ideas, or by logic or philosophy. It indicates unusual opportunities and breakthroughs in extraordinary or progressive fields of endeavor. The native is generally in opposition to the establishment or norms of society.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: When the native is under stress, there can be tics, spasms, twitches and cramping.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of zinc, manganese, choline, inositol, biotin, B-6 and pangamic acid.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Whole grains, beans, spinach, broccoli, bananas.


This position indicates originality, with a contempt for conventions and leaving matters to routinely run their course. The nature is independent, erratic, eccentric and unconventional. These characteristics may bring the native into public discredit and disfavor. People with Uranus so placed are never satisfied with the social structure, as they have innate revolutionary tendencies, ready to undo and overthrow established customs. Thus they are frequently in difficulties with employers, or meet opposition from public authorities or governmental bodies. The native may suddenly leave the father for some reason or another. If Uranus is in good aspect to Mercury, the mind is fertile, qualified to create new methods of reconstruction. This position is excellent for astrologers, metaphysicians, explorers, reformers, inventors, teachers, psychologists and electricians. It is likely that genius in some form will come to the native. Should the planet be placed in a double-bodied sign, e.g. Gemini or Pisces, the native may follow two or more professions at the same time. Should Uranus be in adverse aspect to the Sun, Mars or Saturn there is danger of accident, scandal, estrangement from relatives, public discredit and disfavor, trouble and much disappointment. These people may never succeed in life, but meet with continual sorrow, trouble, and disappointment.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Mental derangement and instability


The generation of the first half of the 1950’s, known as “baby boomers” were born under this aspect and are now instrumental in planetary change. Their karma is to live during a time of exceptional social turmoil where religious institutions may collapse or come to terms with the Aquarian/Uranian energies. These natives will be subject to sudden, peculiar, and upsetting conditions determined by the houses these planets are located in.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Spinal deterioration or weakness; sudden cancer; strange illnesses difficult to diagnose; sudden, stressful periods in life; mental chaos; endocrinopathies.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of the B-complex, especially pantothenic acid.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Spinach, green leafy vegetable, fresh fruits.

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