Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs

3rd House

Astrology speaks of the third house as that of brothers and sisters, and close relatives. It actually means the earliest newborn environment and of one’s grown relationship to it. The relationship of the child to his/her environment is basic and substantial in the formation of his/her character, and of responses to life. The third house refers to the early environment and to persons who acted within it – close relatives, guardians, siblings, etc. It also shows in the child “coming to terms” which is at first entirely unconscious and instinctual, later becoming the foundation for human intelligence, and consciousness.

No planets in the third house means response in a natural fashion. One or more planets in the third house indicates a self-conscious need to express thoughts. It may sometimes indicate speech difficulties. The native is often asked too often to help other people, brothers and sisters. The disease of “other people” can lead to great frustrations and nervous stress. These individuals need to learn to say no, take regular breaks in peace and quiet, take short naps after lunch, etc. for the health to improve.

Malefic planets in this house tend toward mental instability and chaos unless well aspected. It shows traumatic experiences such as child abuse, fights with siblings, rebellion, etc. What differentiates this house from its opposite, the ninth house, is that of experiences involving direct personal contact with the close environment of the individual, resulting in habits and proclivities. It indicates physical actions, and transportation, especially within your immediate environment. Benefics in this house, when well aspected, indicate a well balanced mind. It rules the fingers, hands, chest, lungs, the lower mind and wakefulness.

AFFLICTIONS: Disturbed breathing rhythms, reduced vitality, lack of oxygenation, nervous tension, mental instability.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Yellow, indigo, white with red


The third house deals with the native’s immediate speaking, writing, and communications audience in his/her immediate work or professional environment. Scorpio ruling the third house indicates individuals with resourceful and intense powers of concentration. Scorpio’s powers work best when a mental shield stands between them and the recipients as it tends to fortify the communication dynamic. Their emotional intentions are best not revealed. These natives have the ability to persuade others and they love secrets and intrigue. These individuals are concise and frankness characterizes their speech and communication.


Saturn in the third house indicates that thinking, learning, communication, and the development of essential skills play a major role in the native’s life. When well-aspected it indicates a serious, sober and thoughtful mind, capable of concentration and able to cognate the profound sciences and other serious subjects in life. It gives tact, diplomacy, justice, honesty and all the other Saturnine virtues of the mind. When Saturn is afflicted in the third house, it indicates circumstances that may prevent or restrict the native’s early education, or the native may simply be an uninterested student. These individuals may experience troubles with brothers and sisters or neighbors. There is the possibility of danger when traveling short distances. It also indicates the mind may dwell on gloomy thoughts and worry to excess.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Shallow breathing, feeble thinking; bronchitis; depression and worry.


Depression, sorrow: Hopelessness due to suppressed anger against others you feel that you do not have the right to express or recognize. Hope and resolution are your keys for release.


Saturn trine Uranus is fortunate for a public career for it indicates ambition and determination with ability to concentrate upon large problems and exercise authority. The intuition of such people is guided by an insight when important steps have to be taken. The mind is both mechanical and ingenious, hence this position often denotes success along the lines of electricity, electronics, aviation and computers. The native is usually loyal and truthful.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Good karma from previous explorations.


Natives with this aspect may feel the weight of the world on their shoulders due to heavy responsibilities and social conditions that impose disappointment. These natives may go to extreme measures to attain their professional ambitions, including using mysterious schemes, manipulating others, or other selfish behaviors. They are likely to be engaged in planetary karma with constantly changing social conditions which block their progress. With Saturn in hard aspect to Pluto, a potential ailment, chronic or degenerative disease is almost always present and must be studied carefully.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Fluoride poisoning; cancer; adrenal, thymus and pancreal insufficiencies or endocrine glands ruled by the sign or house location; leukopenia; multiple sclerosis; strong reactions to bites and stings of venomous insects.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of orotic acid, calcium; severe deficiency of vitamins C P (bioflavonoids).

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Broccoli, yogurt, citrus fruits, green peppers, green leafy vegetables.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Associated with a dictatorship; danger of plots and intrigue.

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