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7th House

The seventh house is closely related to the sign Libra, and thus marriage and partnership, the husband in a female nativity, and the wife in a male nativity are also related. This house shows the test of functional cooperation and participation between individual and society. Function suggests purpose, both inherent and potential, in man or woman. Purpose is only revealed as one operates within the group or global economy. It is the field of human experience that the person can be most basically transformed and can gain freedom. Planets in this house reveal compelling pressures and motives for destiny. In such cases, individuals may find themselves driven to enter into certain types of relationships as part of their destiny.

While the first house represents how the native appears to others, the fourth house shows how the natives sees himself or herself, the seventh house represents how others appear to the native. It represents those whose lives touch the native and how they respond. If the house is unoccupied by planets, he/she is comparatively free of the influence of others in most of his/her affairs. These individuals do pretty much as they please, but it also means others do not generally help them either. The affairs of this house are always related to the area of another house where the ruler of the sign on the seventh cusp lies. If there are one or more planets in this house, the native is consciously dependent on others in some respect and other people tend to control his/her affairs. Natives with planets in this house may find it difficult to “stand on their own two feet”. They feel accomplishments need to come through other people or their partners or spouses. The Sun located here is indicative of good health, while Saturn signifies a potential for a short life. Mars here, indicates a bad wife and sickness.

The seventh house also denotes the type of physician or healer required in health matters. It is important that the healer is compatible with the native depending on the illness. One should avoid healers who have Saturn on the Ascendant or sixth house of the patient. The following may be found useful:

Signs of Healers pertaining to the seventh house:

Chiropodist: Gemini, Virgo and Pisceans are especially adapted to this work.

Chiropractor: Gemini’s give keen, sensitive touch.

Colon therapists: Those born under Virgo and Scorpio.

Dieticians/Nutritionists: Virgo is the sign which rules these matters.

Good Healers: Scorpio Sun sign and well aspected at birth.

Massage Therapists: Healers born under Scorpio bring strong magnetism.

Hydrotherapists: Healers using mineral waters born under the Sun sign Pisces, and Capricorns making good managers of spas and sanitariums.

Medical Doctors: Those with strong influence of Scorpio and Mars, e.g. in the first or sixth house; the Sun trine or sextile Jupiter at birth; the Moon in Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn or Pisces and well aspected with Mercury; Virgo in the sixth house; the Sun signs Virgo or Scorpio.

Naturopaths: Those born under Virgo and Scorpio.

Nurses: Sun sign Scorpio, those born under rule of the Moon; the sixth house well aspected at birth; Jupiter well aspected in Pisces or the 10th house (Virgo ascending or Sun sign is not favorable for nursing as they can be too negative, critical, and susceptible to take on the disease of others).

AFFLICTIONS: Brain disorders; diseases of the hamstrings, flanks, bladder, small intestines and navel, the kidneys, haunches and loins, diseases of the womb.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Browns, swarthy colors, crimson, green


The seventh house deals with other people in the native’s life, particularly those that attract attention as well as direct personal relationships. Pisces ruling the seventh house indicates natives that will attract persons not as well organized as themselves and are a bit mysterious or illusive. These natives are rather quiet and difficult for others to understand. Marriage is highly developed with perceptive intuition in both partners. If afflicted, there is the possibility that their partner may be emotionally disturbed due to drug addiction or disability.


The Moon in the seventh house, if well-aspected, is fortunate for success in marriage, partnership and all dealings with the public for it makes the person popular. If seriously afflicted it indicates a fickle, changeable marriage partner. It may also indicate loss through litigation and their partnership and the general public may then hold the person in disfavor. It indicates some romance in married life, and a partner whose affections fluctuate.

PSYCHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: The Moon’s influence in the seventh house exhibits the emotional characteristics of the native’s marriage. A man with his Moon in the seventh house usually chooses a wife that reminds him of his mother. A woman with a seventh house Moon usually develops a close emotional bond with her husband, but she may also be dominated by her husband.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Aches and pains from torment in marriage; lumbago.


Lumbago: Fear of financial support or lack of money. The resolution is to trust the process of life and realize that you will be taken care of.

Aches and pains: Guilt from outside partnerships, seeking punishment. The resolution here is to let go of the past and live for tomorrow, release others and let them be free.


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