Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs

8th House

This house, its cusp, and the planets located in it, indicate how a person can best approach opportunities and the resistance involved in bringing relationships into a fruitful situation. These relationships can mean marriage, partnerships, and business associations. The second house refers to private assets, or what can be used to actualize one’s birth potential. The eighth house deals with business contracts and agreements that are legally binding. The eighth house field of experience deals with trust, management, and responsibility. The second house deals with personal management, whereas the eighth house with proper management of business assets, profits and losses. It indicates where binding agreements will bring legacy. It may also mean death followed by rebirth, or the kind of disagreements which bring unresolved frustrations and a future surrounded with karmic ghosts. With such a native, emotional scarring tends to be hidden. These individuals have a burning need to purge themselves of past memories which brutally punish their bodies for years. Many succumb to chronic ailments around the ages of 42 to 49 years old. With the background of this emotional insecurity, they push hard for overt success, only for their bodies to crack up under the pressure. Sex is often their only form of organic release.

If the eighth house is unoccupied by planets, the native takes emergencies in stride and usually faces crises with appropriate action. If the house is occupied, eighth house matters are of serious concern for the native. These matters may take the form of handling other peoples money, dealing in antiques, archaeological findings, etc. The eighth house also indicates the end of physical life, the surrender of the soul, the time and manner of death. The planets in this sign at birth indicate the quality of death. Benefics here indicate an easy and natural death. Malefics in this house tend to a more sudden, accidental or even violent death.

AFFLICTIONS: Kidney disorders, genitourinary infections, adrenal insufficiency, poisoning, death by consumption.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Gray, black, brown, red, mahogany, green


In the eighth house we look for the possibility and effect of extraordinary changes that might intrude on the native’s life and the inner strength that he/she might possess to cope with the challenge. Aries ruling the eighth house indicates the native is bound to face some grueling changes which challenge the personal identity. These individuals may be dragged into confrontations not of their own making, but which may result in opportunistic change or profit. There is also the possibility of accidents and illnesses which may change the native’s entire life. The native’s inner strength comes from courage.


Mars in the eighth house, when well-aspected, indicates intense energy, stamina, and aggressive behavior. It also brings financial benefit through marriage, business partnerships or by legacy. The natives are sure to have very specific desires and no hesitation about trying to gratify them, not only in business but also in sex. They may also be secretive in their movements and activities. When Mars is afflicted, the financial conditions grow worse after marriage through the extravagance of the marriage partner, by accident or illness of long duration. To anticipate the nature of the illness or accident, it will be necessary to note the sign Mars occupies at birth. If in a water sign, there is danger of death by drowning; if in a fire sign, death by fire or violence; if in an air sign, mental affliction; if in an earth sign, inflammatory complaints. If Mars in afflicted, business partnerships and litigation should also be avoided for they are sure to bring loss. People with Mars in this position, fail to live in spiritual light, and should not delay making their will for the end usually comes very suddenly and unexpectedly. Ponder the old Chinese adage – when set out for revenge, two graves should be dug, one for the avenged, and one for the avenger.

AGGRESSION LESSON: In no area of life is the emotion of anger of more danger to one’s life and health. Anger of past events, fear of deadlines, and frustrations need to be resolved.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Hemorrhoids; genitourinary disorders; colitis.


Hemorrhoids: Anger of the past and not letting go of resentments and misfortunes. The resolution here is to release all that is not love, then you will find the time and space for those things you desire to accomplish.


Mars square Uranus indicates an erratic and eccentric disposition. These individuals are prone to have violent tempers and stubborn determination. These natives can be cruel, hard and cold yet when in love they may be inflamed with passion of the most burning intensity. In a woman’s horoscope Mars square Uranus usually leads to seduction no matter which sign is posited. Inexplicable changes in moods and ill-health are characteristic. These natives should be careful of air travel.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Muscle spasms, strictures; tightened rectal sphincters; alcoholism, drug abuse; spasmodic disorders, erratic aches and pains; hypertensive headaches; premature hair loss and baldness; sudden accidents, trauma, stress and surgery; adrenal exhaustion and fatigue; anemia; acidosis.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of essential fatty acids (vitamin F – linoleic and linolenic acids), vitamin B-12.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Kidney beans, raisins, whole grains.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Liable to seduction in females; thrill seeking and dangerous adventures; death by electricity, machinery or air travel.


Mars opposite Neptune makes the nature coarse, sensual, impulsive and militant. The native is apt to be extravagant in speech and action, self-indulgent to a degree in any direction. It indicates a fanatical spirit which may express itself in either religion, spiritualism or even atheism. It gives a tendency to lawlessness and participation in political schemes or plots. It also indicates those with a tendency to harbor self-delusions caused by basic insecurities. This aspect may indicate psychic ability. There are tendencies to abnormal sexual gratification, violent actions, or entanglements with the lower astral forces.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Spinal disorders, subluxations; poor healing response; streptococcal or staphylococcal infections; cancer; susceptible to poisoning, especially aluminum; lymphatic stasis and reduced immunity, prone to infectious diseases; sensitivity to drugs; neurotic tendencies.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of pantothenic acid, vitamin B-12, folic acid, phosphorus, iron.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Green leafy vegetables, oranges, bean and alfalfa sprouts, raisins, beans.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Coarse and sensual, self-indulgent, unrestrained; involved with mystical, magical or occult forces.


Mars trine Pluto indicates those with strong will-power and the ability to generate personal development through advanced forms of science or metaphysical forces that will advance society. Their passions are strong and their logical insight and realism are decisive.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Spiritual contact with high sources.


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