Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs


In Greek, Saturn is known as “kronos”, from which our word “chronic” is taken. Permanent disease is signified by the placement of Saturn in the chart, and its course and attack by the motion of other planets. Its action signifies binding, crystallizing, cold, dry, hardening, depleting, obstructing, retarding, and suppressing. The afflictions of Saturn are for prolonged periods, whereas Mars afflicts more acutely, for short periods.

Saturn’s placement in the chart is associated with the solid matter of one’s body, ruling all dense components and processes. Saturn in any part of the horoscope is considered an affliction to the zodiac sign, house, and parts of the body so ruled. It tends to weaken and make one more liable to disease, and the sign and parts ruled are usually considered the most vulnerable, even to cause death through disease and malignancy. Those parts ruled at birth by Saturn indicate reduced nerve and energy supply, insufficient oxygenation, accumulation of tissue acids, and thus fibrositis, myositis, and rheumatism. The planet Saturn indicates subnormal conditions by inhibition, retention, and suppression. The medical astrologers at the turn of the century stated that carcinoma is most liable to occur in that part ruled by the sign that Saturn is in at birth. Saturn also has rulership over the blood’s clotting factors, the parathyroids, and calcium metabolism.

Saturn’s afflictions come from lack of self control, spiritual development, and materialistic tendencies. When manifested negatively, Saturn’s principle action is quite simply fear. The hard aspects indicate opportunity to come to terms with a specific kind of fear. The type of fear is indicated by Saturn’s aspects (conjunct, square or opposition) to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury or Venus.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Typical Saturnine problems are chronic skin complaints, stiffness of the joints and muscles, deformity; dental problems; deafness; depression; slowed atrophy and functioning of the body’s processes; scleroses of the body’s tissues, rheumatism from accumulated tissue wastes in the sign or house of the nativity chart.

Subluxations of the spine are partial dislocations of the vertebra which impinge and put pressure on the nerves passing through them, shutting off nerve supply and causing irritation and pain leading to disease. Along the lines of chiropractic philosophy, health is maintained by a correctly aligned spine that requires periodic adjustments by manipulative therapy. Palpation and X-ray discover these deviations but your astrological chart can identify weak areas that will be chronically affected. Each sign of the zodiac, and malefics placed in them, tend to afflict the vertebra, especially the vertebra ruled by the sign in which Saturn is found at birth. Such subluxations tend to be the major one throughout life. For example, the sign Libra rules the kidneys and if Saturn is here at birth, the 10th, 11th, 12th dorsals, and 1st lumbar will be afflicted the most, and this is known before examination. From a chiropractic or osteopathic standpoint, the emphasis of treatment should be in the area where Saturn was afflicting at birth as this area will show stasis, restrictions, stiffness, and congestion.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification.


This position indicates a strong, determined will. These individuals possess minds that are mechanical and resourceful. They are endowed with courage and persistence which are essential in all pioneering undertakings. Individuals with Saturn in Scorpio encounter responsibility and restriction involving payment of debts of one kind or another. If Saturn should be favorably aspected to Mars, Sun or Mercury it favors surgery, engineering or any occupation in which sharp instruments, fire or water is involved. This position brings legacies and favors financial benefits after marriage. It is also a favorable placement for health and longevity. When Saturn is adversely aspected, it causes sorrow through love affairs, secret alliances, intrigues, and domestic difficulties. The person is liable to ill-health caused by worry, sluggish bowels, constipation, hemorrhoids, and ailments due to auto toxemia. Scorpio with the rigidity of Saturn indicates restrictions and limitations that are imposed by too much control in some area of their lives, or manipulation in order to gain control as indicated by house position. Colon stasis, constipation and sluggish peristalsis are characteristic. The native should drink adequate quantities of water (6-8 glasses daily).


PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Retention of urine, kidney stones, cystitis;gout; abnormal breathing, lymph stasis; suppressed menstruation, uterine complaints, ovarian disease; faulty elimination, constipation, appendicitis, bad breath, hemorrhoids, auto toxemia, sluggish peristalsis; nervous disorders; bronchitis; anosmia, parosmia; hypothyroidism, obesity, arthritis.

COUNTERACTING STIMULANTS: Asparagus, allspice, garlic, chives.

RULING VERTEBRA: 9th, 12th dorsals; 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th lumbars, sacrum, and taken as a whole, Scorpio rules the os coccyx.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by serpent bites; death by plague; death by drowning (afflicting the Moon), or at sea (afflicting the Sun or Ascendant); rape; death by childbirth.


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