Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs


From the days of Hippocrates, father of Western medicine (Fifth century B. C.), the ancients emphasized the value of diet and exercise as the prime methods of restoration of health and longevity. The ancient figurines of women, known as the “Venus statues”, depict a bottom heavy, obese figure of a woman. Some of these Paleolithic figurines are believed to be more than 20,000 years old. They are found in all areas of Europe, as far away as Russia, and they all show women with huge, fat hips and buttocks. Today, it is known as the “Venus Syndrome”, the connection between Venus and the lower body fat, today referred to as “cellulite” – the thickening and laxity of connective tissue beneath the skin, around gelatinous pockets of fat, which traps toxic matter and body wastes.

Venus is the principle of harmony, equilibrium, homeostasis, and thus rules the body’s hormonal secretions. The Moon and Venus rule strongly over the affairs and health of women. It rules over all regulatory and secretory functions, especially the female sexual hormones. It rules the chemical composition of the body’s fluids, acidity and alkalinity, sodium-potassium balance, and the other mineral ions. The planet is basically benefic in action, but in hard aspect frequently points to numerous little disorders, showing a general relaxation of the system and body tone, but eventually debilitates the native as the years pass. Its afflictions are generally maladies due to indiscretions in diet and habit.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Venus has traditionally been associated with diabetes. Hard aspects to Venus point to lack of homeostasis, lack of tone, congestion and swelling of the body’s tissues; cyst formation; and kidney disorders. Venus also rules over the veins and indicates such disorders as varicose veins, hemorrhoids, vascular spiders, etc.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Homeostasis, hormonal balance, ovaries, kidneys, venous system, tissue tone, nutritional functions, skin and complexion.


This position indicates social and business popularity, gain through investments and banking, and a native careful of honor. Frequently, these natives marry for matters of business and domestic expediency. Often a young person with this Venus position will choose to marry someone who is much older. Just as often an older person will choose a mate that is much younger. This may end in disappointment due to the cold and unresponsive attitudes of the partner. A cautious nature makes them feel more comfortable in relationships. These individuals prefer social situations that are formal, purposeful, and calculated. This approach helps remove the potential of personal rejection which is something their egos wish to avoid. No matter how easy-going or strong their outer personalities may appear, it is likely that subconsciously they may feel insecure. This position can indicate skin disorders, gout, and gall bladder stones. The native should avoid using tallow-based bar soaps as it tends to plug the pores and reduce the elimination of toxins from the sweat. The native should drink distilled or reverse osmotic water to keep the kidney’s filtration function open.

SUSCEPTIBLE AREAS: Breast, heart, thighs.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Constipation, nausea, parasites; edema; pustular skin disease and skin disorders in general; knee problems; kidney disease.

ASTRINGENTS/TONICS: Sauerkraut, pickles, turnip.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Catastrophes/calamities.


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