Horoscope for Pisces

Daily Horoscope for 24th November 2015

daily horoscope for pisces

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You will want to go out, to travel, to see friends. Meeting new people, full of originality. You will live through a very good period, especially on the intellectual front.

You will be very attracted by a member of the opposite sex. You will feel good, at ease, calm and peaceful. There will certainly be a change in your life, a change for the better.

No effect on the material level. You will feel on top form, take the initiative.

Very good time for those who work in contact with the public, clients or an audience. You will certainly have an amorous adventure, you will travel to see your heart's choice, you will be in a good mood. You will be objective, lively, competent, prudent and calculating.

Things will go along by themselves, without you having to bother about them. You will have a period when dreams shall be king. This is a good time for all intellectual work.

You will not be able to stand any constraint.

Be careful in love. Your ideas will be as unsound as your character. You want to move, to travel, to see friends.

It will be a difficult period: small health problems, your body feeling heavy, with colds and in low spirits, as is always the case when one's not on form. Your imagination will play nasty tricks on you.

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