Horoscope for Taurus

Daily Horoscope for 1st July 2016

daily horoscope for taurus

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Good creative period, if you are a little artistic. You will feel good. A period when you will take your responsibilities to heart: you will be devoted to duty, but this will be difficult to bear.

Excellent period for any intellectual work. Association between independence and imagination: your imagination could bring out a creative streak: you will search for novelty, originality and innovation in your activities. All difficulties, hurdles will disappear thanks to unexpected help.

You will live through a very good period, especially on the intellectual front. You will be on top form, really healthy, in good spirits. This transit will reinforce your down-to-earth side.

You will be very ambitious during this period. You will have a period when dreams shall be king. You will feel on top form, take the initiative.

You will want to distinguish yourself from other people by a new attitude to life.

You will be very attracted by a member of the opposite sex. Your feelings will be controlled, no passion. You will not be able to stand any constraint.

You will be impulsive and bold, and - as a result of your lack of forethought - will have a few problems or accidents. Difficulties in settling all your present problems. Be careful in love.

A time when you probably won't be in love. You will be very tired and any effort will be painful. You will often be prone to fear, imaginary terrors.

It will be a difficult period: small health problems, your body feeling heavy, with colds and in low spirits, as is always the case when one's not on form. Family life a little disturbed.

You will act out of proportion. You will not feel very much at ease, a feeling that all's not well or of emptiness around you will encase you as if you were in a thick fog.

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