Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs

4th House

The fourth house is said to have two basic meanings – the soil or secure foundation in which man is rooted; and the “heart” or fundamental rhythm of the individual self. It is indeed the Nadir of the chart, the midnight point of consciousness, where “God-experience” can be had. The vertical line of the birth chart – Zenith to Nadir – points upwards to the sky (Zenith) and downward through the spinal column at the center of the globe. Unity comes by centering one’s “Hara” or vital energy with that of the Earth.

Its sign and planets refer to the kind of feeling which spontaneously mobilizes and directs the energies of the organism, often called “gut feeling”. The Ascendant tells who we are, while the Nadir shows what we are, at least potentially, where we stand. It is the power implied in “being a person”, yet in today’s global economy it is basically conditioned, if not entirely determined, by socio-cultural patterns and media manipulation, rather than by ancestral family values. Thus it indicates the beginning as well as the end of various cycles in the native’s life, including old age, the end of life and death, the various conditions which affect the close of life, its diseases, worries, wealth or poverty, etc. The nature of the end of life will be told by the planets in this house, and the sign on which the cusp begins the part or organ where the complaint will lie.

If there are no planets in the fourth house, the native accepts his background and family and makes the best of it. If there are one or more planets in the fourth house, then conscious attention is directed towards his background. He/she has reasons to question, if not doubt family matters. Some may have unfortunate liabilities to overcome before they make headway in life. Malefics in this house can indicate early childhood traumas which are best recalled and cleared by past life regression. Neurosis can result from repressed anger. Parental attitudes and conditioning have led to unhealthy if not neurotic habits. All these matters of childhood trauma and abuse are judged by the fourth house.

At the biological level, the fourth house symbolizes the acquirement of nutrients to satisfy basic physiologic needs to meet daily routines and obstacles. It is the energy needed for intercellular exchanges and for adjusting the body to changes in temperature and the demands of the physical environment. It rules over the body water, interstitial fluid, and lymphatic environment. In a mentally and emotionally developed person, one’s personal power (Hara) is available for self-expression and social contact. In an undeveloped or immature being, confusion sets in with mixed impulses carried over from previous lives and those values family and society has forced upon the individual. This results in oral fixations, hormonal imbalances, lymphatic stasis and obesity. It is a being out of rhythm, breathless, confused and never satiated.

This house rules the breasts, lungs, stomach; inheritance; the birthplace and home place; the mother in the male chart and father in the female chart. Benefics in this house at birth indicate that the native should live in his native homeland, if possible, for insured good health and fortune, leading to a happy end of life. Malefics here point to a short life of the mother or father, according to the sex of the horoscope; disease, distress, and worry in old age.

AFFLICTIONS: Oral fixations, overeating, nutritional disturbances, obesity, anorexia; diseases of the stomach, breasts, and lungs.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Silver, green, russet, brown


The fourth house is the area of private concerns, emotional security and how we inwardly feel about ourselves. If there are no planets in this house, there are generally no problems in the way these individuals accept themselves. The cusp on this house shows the general tempo of the subjective self. Sagittarius ruling the fourth house indicates natives who regard themselves as optimists. It indicates the native came from a family of positive thinkers with established codes of behavior, whether religious or cultural. Afflictions to this house may mean the native was raised with little or no discipline, as in a troubled youth.


Venus in the fourth house indicates individuals who feel more comfortable in social and romantic situations when they are in their own home. When favorably aspected it indicates happy conditions in the home, particularly in the latter part of life. The native may be involved in real estate, architecture, or landscaping. They may also be involved with artistic organizations. Those with culinary skills are able to create dishes with an artistic presentation. It also indicates the possibility of an inheritance which helps the native to live independently into old age. If the planet is adversely aspected to Mars, Uranus or Mercury, there may be difficulty through extravagance at the close of life. It can also indicate that relationships with parents and other family members may be difficult.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Weak vital powers, oral fixations, obesity, mammary swelling and breast nodules. If the Sun is on the cusp of this house, the vital powers are apt to be their weakest.


Venus opposite Jupiter gives the same self-indulgent and material fondness as the good aspects, but limits the ability to satisfy them. These natives will find themselves in an endless cycle of spend and debt. Their lack of business ability is often responsible for failure and bankruptcy and they are very liable to suffer losses through the treachery or deception of others. Love and marriage are also sources of sorrow and the marriage partner may prove faithless or adulterous. Extremely self-indulgent behaviors must be checked, and in Pisces the predisposition to drink has to be curbed. This aspect is good, however, for personal growth if the native learns that prudence leads to success. The desire for pleasure must be translated into business efforts and love of one’s partner.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Parasite infections; lymphatic stasis, obesity, varicose veins, hemorrhoids, liver congestion/torpidity, elevated blood cholesterol; skin problems, acne, pimples; heart problems.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of vitamin E, choline, inositol, zinc, manganese, niacin (B-3), B-6, PABA. The native needs to curb the overindulgence of sweets.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Brown rice, wheat germ, beans, bran, spinach, broccoli, bananas.


Venus sextile Saturn indicates individuals that possess tact and diplomacy. They are systematic in method and thrifty which indicates good business ability. These individuals will be much sought after as friends or advisers as they can be trusted for positions or tasks requiring honesty and ability. It also indicates people that are simple in taste and of dignified morality. Esteem, health and easy circumstances are enjoyed by these natives.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Concrete and esthetic skills; good karma due to personal sacrifice.


Venus opposite Uranus indicates individuals that are always perplexed by how others accept them. These natives are stubborn, argumentative, defensive, and have erratic personalities that give way to unrestrained emotions. There may be trouble with sexual relations, a hasty, ill-considered union, quarrels, divorces, public scandals through clandestine intercourse, with loss of friends, prestige and popularity. Also abandonment from home and family and sudden financial losses through unexpected or unforeseen happenings are possible. There are tendencies for foolish use of the native’s money. The native’s desire for sexual gratification may not lead to pleasure, making loneliness and estrangement their fate. Often there are several marriages that end in divorce.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Poor venous circulation and cramping in those parts ruled by the sign or house; oxygen loss from deficiency of niacin resulting in confusion, disorientation if not dementia; sensitivity to electromagnetic pollution and radiation.

NUTRITIONAL ASPECTS: Deficiencies of vitamin E, magnesium, niacin (B-3). The person should moderate any craving for starches which will deny the body of oxygen and injure the heart.

BENEFICIAL FOODS: Brown rice, wheat germ, tea, whole grains.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Indulgence in dangerous forms of occultism, voodoo, black magic, etc. This is the aspect of the guru, masters, mystics, Bohemians, wanderlust and urge for adventures; religious fanaticism.


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