Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs


Mercury, when well placed in the nativity chart, indicates a good and balanced mind. It rules the cerebral hemispheres. Ill-aspected and afflicted, it shows a tendency to various disorders of mental reasoning, bad judgment, nervous disease, and tendency to gamble, swindle, insomnia, and a lack of spiritual calm. The location in the chart shows what body parts may be prone to neuralgia.

Mars is known as the “lesser unfortunate”, and Saturn is known as the “greater unfortunate”, as both are considered malefic planets. The action of Mars is acute and violent, heating, inflammatory, and febrile. Mars rules one’s physical energy, expressed as either self-assertiveness and healthy efforts, or aggression and hostility. Mars actions include arousal, erection, and penetration. Mars diseases are traumatic, contagious, burning, blistering, leaving scars, pock marks, and disfigurements. They are diseases that arise from anger, frustration, madness, and wickedness. When Mars is well aspected, it shows a strong constitution, good physical endurance and independence. Natives under strong benefic influence are practical, handle instruments well, and make good surgeons and dentists. When unfavorably aspected, the native is prone to fits of fury, argumentative, and liable to accidents.

Esoterically speaking, Mars, like the Moon, is one of the planets that loses its influence as spiritual faculties are developed. It is a planetary influence where its principal expression – anger – always brings reciprocal negative reactions of the worst kind. To better understand its influence in the native, the house location indicates the external conditions in the life of the native that needs spiritual development. The zodiac sign location of Mars indicates the body’s susceptible areas where the negative emotion of anger will raise havoc and disorder.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Inflammations and scars on the body parts ruled by the zodiac sign or house of its placement; alterations in blood chemistry, especially glucose, calcium, magnesium; geloses and myogeloses in muscular tissues; liver torpidity and congestion; genitourinary infections; hypertension and hypertensive headaches, migraine.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Body heat, inflammatory response, adrenal function, formation of hemoglobin and blood clots, digestion of food, muscular activity, glycogen storage and liver function, genitals.


Mars in Aries indicates force, self-assurance, combativeness, originality, and mechanical ability. The native is impulsive, quick-witted, aggressive, and impatient when restrained. Self-interest is strong, and these individuals will be determined in their ventures with little outside encouragement. This position gives an abundance of vitality and a love of sports and muscular exercise. If Mars is afflicted the temper is hasty. There is possible danger through fire, or through surgical operations about the head, which often leave a scar on the face. The mind may also be threatened. The native should moderate the temper so as to avoid violent headaches.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Head disorders and headaches, brain congestion and dizziness, tendency to stroke and sunstroke, brain fag; facial blemishes and neuralgia; hay fever; shingles; ear pains, otitis; inflammation of the eyes, conjunctivitis; fevers; wounds; burns.

ANTIPHLOGISTICS/COOLANTS: Cloves, cumin, artichoke, brown rice.

VULNERARIES: Aloe, comfrey, clove oil.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by burns, fever and inflammations.



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