Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs


Uranus rules your electrical life breath, and thus your avenues for personal as well as societal freedom. It indicates potential for originality of thought and expression, yet its energy is not accessible to much of humanity at this time. In society it rules the apparently radical ideas and people that are years ahead of their time. They lead to revolutionary events that upset established structures. The Aquarian age of which we are now entering is ruled by Uranus. Its cycle began with the discovery of electricity which it rules and is now interconnecting everyone on the planet with a synthetic telepathy.

Karmically, all aspects of the personal planets – Mercury, Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn, or the Ascendant – indicate areas of life where there is a strong urge for freedom of expression without restraint and the need for constant stimulation and excitement. This planet also represents the capacity to be high-strung, excitable, and temperamental. The motives of Uranus thus represent the purpose of radically repolarizing an individual’s past lives, and open one up to new experience either through stimulating, shocking, and even traumatic crises to find new ways of living. People who are ruled by Uranus are lovers of freedom, rebellious at least restraint, intuitive and inventive. They are aviators, high level mechanics, or deal directly with electricity. It also tends towards erratic behavior and can make people irritable and brusque in manner.

ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY: Skin, bone and joints, teeth, hearing, ossicification. Uranus rules all the rhythmic processes of the body. It rules the movement of the whole digestive tract from mouth to anus. Thus, the common symptom of its afflictions are spasmodic manifestations and disrupted rhythms – muscles spasms, shock, cramp, strictures, ruptures, paroxysms, and contortions.


Cancer is a psychic sign and with Uranus so positioned the native is capable of cultivating these powers. They are often overly sensitive, easily hurt, and their nature may be evasive, restless, eccentric, impatient and moody. If Uranus is afflicted, domestic troubles at home and sudden changes of environment are indicated. The native is also prone to nervous indigestion and other stomach ailments. When Uranus is favorably aspected the native’s sensitive nature and psychic ability may easily be refined.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Asthma; poor/weak blood; stomach cramps, irritable stomach, stomach cancer, (the native should avoid cold drinks and cold foods); spasms and cramps of the abdominal (stomach) and lower chest regions, spasmed gall bladder; mental illusions; erratic diaphragm and breathing.

ANTISPASMODICS: Honey, radish, dill.

KARMIC TENDENCIES: Death by drowning (afflicting the Moon); oversensitive, easily offended or disturbed; sudden illness in the breasts, chest, stomach or digestive organs.


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