Body & Soul Report for Steve Jobs

2nd House

The second house rules material matters, property, wealth or poverty, etc. It denotes the level of acquisitiveness as a driving force, or the level of greed for power and wealth. This tends to affect the native’s homeostasis since possessions are related to the value placed on food and nutrition, habits in acquiring food and other immediate necessities of life. The pituitary gland, which controls all endocrine glands, falls under this house.

The belief or realization for those so gifted, adds another dimension to understand second house questions. One’s tendencies, faculties, and karma produced from past lives and carried over into the present rests with the concept of management, that is, intelligent use of one’s inheritance, possessions, artistic talents, or even inventions. The second house can show the mere fact of ownership in today’s essentially “unspiritual society”, or one who lives according to spiritual values and surrenders to mankind assets to promote human evolution. It shows then if a person can advance beyond the traditional use of possessions, or is acting merely as an agent for the “ghosts of karma” (Geg in Tibetan), with a life filled by ancestors, driven by socio-religious hatreds and fears.

When no planets occupy this house, it indicates the native does not see money as a major issue in life. With planets in this house, the affairs of other houses which those planets rule are brought to bear influence on the matter of obtaining money. For example, if Saturn is in your second house, tenth house matters, such as your profession, is where the money will easily flow from.

People with planets in the second house have overwhelming desires to prove their self-worth, establish themselves in society by big factors as indicated by the house rulers outlined above. For example, if the Moon is in the second house, fourth house matters like the home are important and the native will desire a big home or big family. After having established their nest eggs, (with the personal planets Venus, Moon, Mars, Jupiter placed in this house) gluttony is not uncommon. The native will also learn the karmic problem of this house – happiness is the one thing that cannot be bought.

AFFLICTIONS: Problems with homeostasis – blood and electrolyte changes, intake of nutrients – diabetes, obesity, hypoglycemia; disorders arising from vaccination.


EMPOWERMENT COLORS: Green, lemon, citrine, brown


The second house shows how these natives earns money from their own efforts and from what resources. These individuals desire money because of the luxuries it can provide. It is possible that their income is derived from inheritance from the parents or the generosity of their spouse or friends. These natives find success in modeling, cosmetics manufacture and sales, fashion and beauty consulting, music, jewelry or even law.


Neptune in the second house indicates the native must guard what they value or risk loss by deception or bankruptcy. These individuals may have a difficult time setting or sticking to priorities. When well aspected it indicates gain through all things in which water, chemicals, photography, oil, religion are involved. Occupations involving the needy or handicapped may play a prominent role. If Neptune is afflicted, the financial affairs of the person will always be in an uncertain, chaotic state, with liability of loss through fraudulent schemes.

PATHOLOGICAL TENDENCIES: Diabetes, mineral imbalance, obesity, rheumatic pains.


Neptune sextile Pluto is an aspect of extremely long duration that has lasted for some 30 years since April 1973. It has presented constant opportunities for prosperity by unusual and aesthetic endeavors affecting humanity at this time. Universal love (Neptune) with Plutonian power has paved the way for secret inventions, free energy devices, contacts with aliens and spirits that will either mean future utopia or nearly total destruction of humanity as we know it today, as Pluto also rules atomic energy.


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