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May 25th - May 31st, 2015


Private Life: * * / 3
Money and Job: * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope:

Rita Ann Freeman

Rita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became DailyScopes.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.


Challenging and somewhat even 'nerve wracking' energies MAY be afoot the 25th to 27th but things improve rather well by the 28/29th for Fish who fall victim to this one. There's plenty of work to do; at home and elsewhere, with the bulk of it hitting in from the 25th to late 26th solved quickly and a cross section of you finding it hits late on the 26th and TAKES until the 30th to 'fix.'


Romance is not all that BAD this week at ALL, after listening to my Family Section; you'd think it would lots of 'warning' advice HERE too but not so much, as many of you show promising upgrades, setting issues OLD and new and singles having excellent cooperative energies from the cosmos, Who appears to be throwing what may be multiple or even, DOZENS of 'choices' at some of you. Ethics, taste in art and music, financial stability and 'how romantic you are' appear to rank HIGHEST in 'attractiveness' requirements for the successful! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


While you MAY encounter a 'brief but disappointing' episode with a pal or pals, most of you show just plain old 'having fun, sharing and networking' kind of exchanges this week. Pals, especially the older status ones, seem to be 'really THERE when or if you need them' this week. Lessons and ties may 'run very deep.'


This can be a SMASH BANG week for the Fish, especially if you are self-employed, commission based or haven't gotten enough of the 'upwardly mobile' status yet. Power figures dominate the 25th, while heavy competition MAY surface the 26th into 27th with you more than likely to 'come out on top' and success through industry cronies, insiders, teachers, mentors or anyone who will offer a brain to pick appear to be just what you NEED the 28/29th!


About to improve but may be 'still vacillating' a bit.

Overview for Pisces

State of Mind: Hopeful and in need of more confidence -- this IS very likely to work!
Karma Numbers: 2's in everything, especially money amounts, percentages and these numbers; 3, 7, 12, 44
Buzz Words: Cheaper by the dozen?
Compatible Sign: Virgo!

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning:

Your Astrologer This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to take care of yourself. Your heart is big, and your world has plenty of room for others who share your ideals. Children and lovers will shine with a new brilliance. Anchor yourself to your physical needs. The changes will begin from there, even if it's just a walk around the block. From where you stand, the past and future are in full view. You need to address your feelings by making peace with what has happened in the past. You know that you may have to pay others for their help, but you know it'll be well worth it. Use your imagination to find ways to attract more followers. Your voice will be very convincing. Others will volunteer their time willingly, not realizing that you have been manipulating them. Don't allow anything to weaken your force of will and success will prevail. Lucky Numbers: 4, 7, 22, 23, 37, 41 Read more...

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Famous Birthdays for Monday, 25th of May:

Anne Heche (1969), Leslie Uggams (1954), Karen Barry (1952), Kathy Barry (1952), Frank Oz (1944),...

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Message from the Team

Mercury is retrograde from May 18th until June 11th. If you read last weeks message you know how it affected me already. Well, jetBlue finally found our luggage but not before we had already gone to H&M to buy some new shirts and socks etc. as we had been wearing the same clothes for 3 days... hopefully those were the last travel delays due to Mercury. Knock on wood and keeping my fingers crossed! ;-)

Check your personal astrology report for the end of May and early June. Make sure to read them to see how Mercury could affect you.

Deborah and Wayne are here for you to create the reports based on your birthday and place of birth. These are the best astrology reports yet!

I wish you a great start into the new week!

Best regards,

Jochen "Joe" Savelberg

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