Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius

horoscope for sagittarius

The astrology forecast for Sagittarius for the week of 16th September 2019 to 22nd September 2019

Private Life * / 3
Money and Job * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 16th your stars show your day starts with cheerful and co-operative energy and everyone you encounter that tries to take a piece of that away from you needs to get the back of your head or the back of your hand. Just move on and ignore them and maintain your cheerful attitude and wonderful space. Tuesday the 17th indications are for a highly successful day with smooth cooperation and excellent accomplishments. Wednesday the 18th be discerning and pay attention to details as it is the small things that can trip you up and if you look at them first everything else will fall into place and the big things will be highly successful. Good news on finance and excellent support from power people appear to go hand-in-hand today. Thursday the 19th get as much done as you can during the daytime hours to clear your plate since pressing business and becoming extremely busy appear likely starting in the later afternoon hours and certainly the 20th. Friday the 20th indications are for an extremely busy and demanding day but one that bears good fruit, excellent profit and ripples upon the pond that will go on for several days if not weeks and possibly months. Answer all calls quickly and pay close attention to the fine line, bottom line, small print and small details. It is the fine print that can trip you up today. Saturday the 21st you are prone to make unsound decisions so do not buy anything in home products like vacuum cleaners, start up businesses or the like. Other types of unsound decisions in your personal life are also possible and things remain nebulous and unclear the entire afternoon and evening due to an aspect your ruling planet is making with Neptune. This will not lift and clear until Monday the 23rd. Sunday the 22nd indications are for a relaxing day but once again a day where you should be not making any decisions about big purchases or big changes.


This may be a highly successful week in romance for the paired Archer, especially if you are paired to Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo, Aries or Libra. Upgrades and repairs to recent set backs are both likely. Closer ties are indicated and outright proposals are also in the offing, especially if May Twins, Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius or Gemini's born in the teens of June are involved. Exciting invitations and plans may start to be formulated near the 20th to 22nd. Single Archers show hot potential in the 16th, 18th into the 19th and 21st/22nd but only the AM of the 22nd. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Your close circle of friends is about to expand and the best source of new pals appears to be through friends of friends and the longer time, farther back status appears to be the biggest hot spot so if you hear this phrase "may I bring a friend?" you may want to answer yes! since benefits can be tremendous! New pals appear to fix old problems and bring some level of built in solutions right in with them!


Here I see a few problem areas to manage, sprinkled in between some of the most helpful hours/days you could have in a while. Ground work, research set up, planning, scheduling and background work may be required to take advantage of the most of it, especially near the 16th, 19th and 21st, both on and off site. Don't pass up any chances to go and schmooze your network or rub elbows with every "Mr. Big!" around, even out of your area, department or industry! Doors will open as if by sheer magic especially any foreign or "long distance" and doors long closed to you may open like the peddles of a flower, especially if you've been waiting a really long time. Sagittarius, Gemini, Aries, Leo, Aquarius and Taurus personalities may be very helpful this week.

Overview for Sagittarius


Fair to very good

State of Mind

Clear after the 18th

Karma Numbers

1, 5, 18, 25, 80

Buzz Words

Don't pass up a chance to network!

Compatible Sign(s)


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to make fresh, new things happen while affirming that which has always been. You'll feel vital and in control. Leadership is a big plus for you. Your words may be quoted. Your actions may have an effect on others, but it doesn't all go to your head. Study your opponent or objective from a distance. You may find you need an altogether different approach. Be cautious in how you use your resources, don't be hasty. Your willingness to listen is enough for someone who wants your attention. It's too easy to take sides during an overheard dispute. The choice that you make today could be with you for a long time. This time you may actually get somewhere.