Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius

horoscope for sagittarius

The astrology forecast for Sagittarius for the week of 20th May 2019 to 26th May 2019

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Weekly Horoscope for Sagittarius
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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Indications for Monday the 20th are for high levels of contentment and a deep gratifying feeling of accomplishment as a gift from the cosmos seems to come down in one of many different forms due to an aspect from the planet Jupiter. I hope you get plenty from your stars. Tuesday the 21st the sun enters Gemini and we'll be in your opposition sign for the next 30 days bringing you opportunity in finance, improvement in health, excellent opportunities in romance and stellar career acceleration. You need to make the most of these next 30 days as there are several opportunities to be grasped and exploited. We begin today with ones that may have to do with a short trip, local errand of some kind where paying attention to details is key. The 22nd there is great success to be had with assistance from signs like Aquarius, Aries, Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. Co-ventures with these people may be very helpful. Certainly their support can lead to great success at the very least, play a hand in it. The 23rd appears to be a highly cooperative day where you could ask any member fora favor and they will comply quickly and freely. The 24th seems to be a day that's filled with good news from both of far and near. News seems to be about finance and older issues that now breathe new life. Saturday the 25th is a very cheerful and cooperative day and also holds good news about family members and this can include marriages, moves, babies, engagements, employment and other forms of financial goodies. Sunday the 26th is a relaxing and emotional day where you can enjoy the camaraderie and communications at parties, reunions, picnics and small vignette gatherings.


Romance needs 'emotional honesty' and a high level of focused attention, talking, philosophizing and other forms of 'soul level communication' this week and tons of it! No matter what sign you are paired to or show short/long you've been matched; they could all use some 'meaty connections' and feel 'the thrill' of your investment in them. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


The rare aspects this week are likely to bring some rather sizable issues to the surface and many of you may have some serious 'hand holding' favors or close ties to cultivate with pals. Baby, house or pet sit, lend a hand, be there when the 'shi* hits the fan' for them no matter what the issue/challenge.


Cooperation is poor, facts, info and amounts are 'easily fudged' misleading or outright 'sabotaged' the 20th but the balance of the week appears 'helpful' as long as you do not have to work the 25th. Good info/insights the 21st/22nd may help you 'recalibrate' your course and gain momentum and progress. Keep any personal info out of the job scene the 23rd. Question when in doubt the 24th.

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State of Mind

Vulnerable after the 24th.

Karma Numbers

3, 16, 23, 34, 36

Buzz Words

Long range 'view'.

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your friendly concern for others and your willingness to meet people half way benefits your career, reputation, or public image at this time. This is a favorable time to socialize with people you have professional ties with since the positive feelings you generate now are likely to be an aid to you in the future. Beautifying the place where you meet the public and an increased concern about your own physical appearance are also brought out now.