Weekly Horoscope for Capricorn

horoscope for capricorn

The astrology forecast for Capricorn for the week of 16th September 2019 to 22nd September 2019

Private Life * * / 3
Money and Job * * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 16th you are very eager and your energy level may be spiking a little bit more than your comfort zone is accustomed to. Find a project that makes you feel accomplished and stick to it. By day's end you will be more satisfied. Tuesday the 17th your energy level is back down to a more comfortable zone and your pace is set into a far more relaxing and easier groove. Many of you are now feeling the power and control that come along with great confidence as good news about finance, praise from superiors, permission to do what you like and other types of green light nods appear to be coming your way. Wednesday the 18th your ruling planet, Saturn, goes direct in its orbit and comes out of retrogression and today marks a total change in your life. It's also a wonderful day filled with great aspects to your ruling planet Saturn that indicate cooperation from others, excellent energy from power people and good news about employment and finance. You put them all together and you spell almost certain success. Thursday the 19th many of you appear anxious to get projects up and going and to clear the negative out of your life, the clutter out of your path and get everything organized and ready to go. Many of you will launch very big projects in both your personal and professional lives. Friday the 20th examine your repressed emotions and if there are any lurking about they are the only thing that is stopping you from progress. Ask yourself who or what is standing in your way and rid yourself of it or them. Saturday the 21st is an extremely busy day with a lot of discussion likely, and for one camp of you, it may be a challenging discussion -- while for another camp of you, it may be a long and revealing discussion. Either way, it appears highly necessary and most productive. Sunday the 22nd the big message from your stars is to avoid stubbornness in any form either from yourself or engaging from another person.


Romance may be a difficult hurtle for some of you this week as any emotional challenges run down the processing system in your psyche/brain and dreams or insecurities haunt the corridors of your mind, robbing focus and stealing sleep/rest and peace until the 19th is over! Once you've decided and/or sorted you're free to choose and/or move on to the next phase where lighter hearts prevail. Good news is likely the 20th and romantic happiness and calm rule the day the 21st. Some singles hit hot romantic pay dirt so heavily the 20th to 22nd that they may become swept off their feet in overwhelming almost too fast moving new status, especially if Scorpio, Taurus, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra or other Capricorns are involved. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are also indicated for the huge new energy influx indicated in your stars the 20th to 22nd and while the cosmos sends sweeping new candidates into your life that flood the gates, you appear free to pick and choose just who and how much you wish to become involved with. Hobbies, sports and activities that light you up are a great place to begin and work your way toward the more serious stuff!


This is a week to really hone your focus the 16th to 18th and make sure you stay on top of as much as possible from the jump early in the day. The 16th is useful for scheduling and structuring, as discussion and cooperation are excellent. Return time is fast and others seem anxious to help. The AM of the 19th is useful but the PM, one hour past lunch, Eastern Time, it may all be over but the shouting. The 20th you show ease with others and improved cooperation again with power people your best resource and fastest support system. There may be travel or long distance dealings the 20th/21st. Excellent opportunities for the commission based or self employed Capricorn the 20th open the doors wide and profit is highly likely.

Overview for Capricorn


Good after the 19th.

State of Mind

Too emotional early in the week an fine after the 19th

Karma Numbers

20, 26, 72, 76, 90 especially 1990

Buzz Words

Put a period and move on.

Compatible Sign(s)

Taurus, Gemini and Virgo

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your ability to stay focused during this eventful week. Communication is very important. With the preliminary steps taken, you're ready to launch into something more complex. Your best partners are the people who always know what you mean. Bring your greatest asset to the forefront, your confidence. It's time to make some choices. Reach out and draw someone new into your circle. A hint of strength is far better than an actual display. You're sure to get people's attention. You'll be the master of your own destiny, so take hold of your life and decide what will make you happy. It's time to stand your ground and follow your heart. Don't let anyone push you into making a decision you're not ready to make. Your efforts will go a long way toward comforting any hurt feelings. Your ability to be unique in all you do will result, in your meeting the right people at the right time.