Weekly Horoscope for Libra

horoscope for libra

The astrological forecast for Libra for the week of 19th November 2018 to 25th November 2018

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Weekly Horoscope for Libra
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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope

Rita Ann FreemanRita Ann is a very high profile astrologer. Fifth generation, Rita Ann started studying at age 4, charting at age 9, amateur counseling at age 15, and went professional in her mid twenties after college. She became DailyScopes.com's very own resident astrologer in the year 2000.


The early part of your week may be a little difficult as the demands of Monday the 19th appear to be slightly nerve-wracking for a cross-section of you and there will be more than one scale who will want to just throw their hands up and walk away from what appears to be more than one challenge with in the family. Your fairness and sense of balance will more than likely get you through just about anything and indications are that everything appears to settle out by mid afternoon on the 20th anyway, after you discern your way through just about anything. Your patience has always been the best antidote to any situation. By the 21st everything appears to be just peachy and your cheerfulness and anticipation of upcoming gatherings and special situations has you just as happy as you may have been unhappy previously. Everything you planned seems to have the Midas touch and falls into place quickly and easily, seamlessly and flows nicely. Friday the 23rd may be another matter however as indications are that it's a long and busy day for you with many distractions and demands in a juggling act of a day. Then we're back to the 24th which seems to hold sweetness and excellent balance as discussions, plans, invitations and long-distance back and forth dealings appear to be typical fare for many of you that day. Family gatherings, celebrations, big family dinners and other types of typical activities for a cross section of you are likely on Sunday the 25th.


Romance may get you 'all excited' and then 'let you down' so just hope that if it is going to, it does it sooner rather than later! Some of you will extend that wonderful 'trusting heart' of yours near the 20th to 22nd and get it clipped up by the 27/28th. As soon as you realize anything; act upon it! Paired Scales are very willing to listen to reason this week so if you are reading this because you love a Libra, and you do have a problem with a Scale; approach with respect and quell it. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Doing 'two things at once' is right up your alley this week! Boy, are you itching to pair up with a pal and 'do it, do it, do it!' Pick your event, chose your best buddy and enjoy! Hang the cost.


Being totally 'professional' seems critical for some reason the 19th. Seeing and listening to 'both sides' of an issue or having the foresight to 'really perceive both sides' of an issue are worth their weight in gold the 20th . Stay 'low key' the 21st and avoid confrontation with lateral power groomers. Trot your 'best effort/s' out the 22nd and watch them 'fall into place like magic'. Answer all communications and quickly the 23rd. You do all that; and you'll have a fantastic week in career, job or business.

Overview for Libra


Excellent but only for about half of you.

State of Mind

Excellent but only for about half of you.

Karma Numbers

2 ,8, 9, 11, 17

Buzz Words

You'll know by the 21st which 'camp you are in'.

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Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by recent events that have put your emotional and physical well being out of whack. Static energy will only cause you to short out your battery. Simple pleasures will be needed in order to help you to relax. Strong words will only bring strong re-actions. Realize that tempers may be short in those sensitive areas. You need a break from away from extreme solutions to dealing with simple problems. Stay confident in who you are and you'll be ensured a smoother ride. A compromise on your part will restart stalled talks. Lucky Numbers: 2, 4, 18, 24, 46, 47

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