Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

horoscope for cancer

The astrology forecast for Cancer for the week of 11th November 2019 to 17th November 2019

Private Life * * / 3
Money and Job * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 11th is it busy and demanding day and your hopes are said high for the day but don't set them too high as keeping things reasonable would be your wisest choice and use discrimination in the evening as you have exchanges in your personal relationships for the most success. Tuesday there is a full moon and in any week with a full moon we have challenges -- and Tuesday is no exception. It appears to be a busy and demanding day that's peppered with up and down energy. The good news is your ESP is in great shape as you handle what appears to be a small delay in the early morning hours with some challenging hard work of some kind, followed by a later morning and early afternoon of excellent progress, with an early evening of questions and doubts that ends at bedtime with strong emotions that give you the answers you need. Wednesday the 13th is a progressive an excellent day with good planning and smooth support from many members who are highly cooperative. Thursday the 14th your judgment may be slightly gullible, as you are vulnerable to those who are needy and distract you from your own agenda. The later hours of the day appear to be a bit better but even then there are some shaky times when you are easily pulled astray by others. Friday the 15th you are focused and highly energized with an excellent accomplished day that borders on being a red letter day and when you haven't had in a long time. Harmony and strong attention that sheds the spotlight on you appear likely. Saturday the 16th you are strong and decisive with excellent insight and idealistic, romantic and friendly energies surrounding you. Excellent romantic luck is also likely. Sunday the 17th shows family gatherings but may have some small challenges as several discussions and a lot of questioning appears to be going on along with some impulsive energies and erratic behavior. You may have to play referee more than once.


Romance does appear to be on the sweet side this week with overtones of growing lust and spicy creativity as your wild side may kick up some dust especially the 11th/12th and 15th/16th, while your more tender traits likely prevail the other days, particularly the 13th. Single Crabs may find very good hunting this week with good length of bone and excellent returns on promising matches, especially those with Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


New friends are likely near the 13th to 16th but most likely spring up out of your career, work, job or coworker pal connections. Those made do show promising contributions to your career growth and expansion and may be more helpful than they appear on the surface. They say it is not what you know as much as who you know and connections may lye everywhere; you never know who's aunt or uncle they're connected to.


You appear to have a great deal placed upon you the 11th/12th but this is not a bad thing. While the weight of duty may range from no problem to burdensome it appears that if you accomplish well, even if you use the 13th also, it may add impressive weight to your advancing status. Be very respectful of authority figures the 13th/14th and try to be as tolerant of arrogant behavior or energy that comes your way, especially the afternoon into evening of the 14th. Any off site work or dealings later on the 16th need even more patience, particularly if money is involved.

Overview for Cancer


About to improve

State of Mind

About to improve

Karma Numbers

11, 14, 24, 33, 50

Buzz Words

Just inches away

Compatible Sign(s)

Pisces, Aries, especially March Rams

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by possible fraud or deceit. You'll be able to achieve your immediate goals if you learn to listen closely to others. Verify your information and obtain written reference material. There's no reason to take everything quite so personally. Don't jump to any conclusions right away, allow some time to soften your overall view of things. You'll need the time to digest your thoughts and emotions. Patience will be required in order to understand others perspective. Another Leo native figures prominently. Reconnect with what excites you and rejoin the life that's going on outside your door. By week's end, you should make time to enjoy some peace and quiet at home.