Weekly Horoscope for Cancer

horoscope for cancer

The astrology forecast for Cancer for the week of 16th September 2019 to 22nd September 2019

Private Life * * / 3
Money and Job * * / 3

Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 16th you're eager to accomplish and you really are itching to get at things but your momentum may be broken several times as you get distracted and have to refocus frequently. Tuesday the 17th may be another stinted day were it's difficult for you and you get distracted and refocus again, but taking one thing at a time or one thing after another may help you to be successful. Wednesday the 18th appears to be an extremely successful day with good news about finance coming in through several different channels, such as the mail, computer, word of mouth and from afar. Power people are extremely helpful and any kind of banking or lending institutions are extremely accommodating. Thursday the 19th your good fortune continues to roll as cooperation and finance will support your every need. Power people tend to be accommodating and there is employment for the unemployed along with upgrades in career and lateral moves. Friday the 20th cooperation with coworkers and constituents appears to be excellent as does cooperation with in-laws and brothers and sisters. Good news comes in through the grapevine and there is other types of cheerful info that may fall in your lap. Saturday the 21st get as much done as you possibly can as some of you may sense that you are running out of time to accomplish. Make the most of the day. Sunday the 22nd small irritations can surface but for the most part it appears to be an excellent day for the majority of the daytime hours with some kind of stressful discussion in the evening likely for a cross-section of you.


Romantic love does very well and may spike into more commitment for some Crabs, especially those paired to signs like Leo, Aquarius, Virgo, Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn or other Crabs. Commitments can range from pledges, moving in, moving up or outright rings and/or planning of ceremonies with some level of stunning likely; time frames may focus on the months of December, June/July of next year, November/December the year after. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Friends always touches you deeply and you are often not able to try and hide the emotions you so easily feel, especially when you are empathetic and over identify with what they are going through. This often makes you somewhat of a target for those who might exploit when they know just who to hit up for what. I'm not saying there's a target on your forehead, but if you are born after, 1985 to 1995, there's a chance you may not have as many experiences as Crabs a bit older/wiser who have been there/done that a few more times than you have! Give, do, sacrifice and even lend money if you wish, but please make sure this week that you were not manipulated into it played like a fiddle, plucked like a chicken or had your heart strings strummed like a guitar!


You appear to put a great deal into the 16th/17th and there is plenty of hard work to go around, especially the 17th when you may have to shoulder the load for someone else, possibly a coworker or even a boss, particularly if they are a Scorpio, Leo, Cancer, Aquarius or Pisces. Someone may have possibly made a mistake that set off a kind of "domino effect" and it lands in your lap! You appear to deal long distance often, possibly personally, but most likely in your professional capacity even if you do not normally do so! You may have to travel or even rush errands around back and forth locally. A small scramble, a solution/fix or a no good deed goes unpunished situation/s is possible for the business day of the 19th. You become vulnerable to mistakes and extra work yet again the 20th, but at least this day is far more constructive. Muddle through the best you can and strive for "focus" often and over and over again.

Overview for Cancer


Can be very promising

State of Mind

Gullible at times

Karma Numbers

9, 14, 45, 49, 90, especially 1990

Buzz Words

Eyes wide open, particularly about money!

Compatible Sign(s)

Libra, Sagittarius

Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your need to let go of your inhibitions and feel free to experiment. Socializing will bring you in contact with romantic possibilities. Get out and have fun. Help someone by taking care of their duties or problems, you'll be glad you did. Romance will unfold through work-related events. Opportunities to advance are evident, but you must keep your emotions well hidden if you wish to accomplish your objectives. You can make progress at work by refraining from idle chatter or disagreeing with your boss. Focus on your own projects. Try some of the new products you've been buying that promise to make you look and feel better. You need a change to feel that you are keeping up with the times.