Weekly Horoscope for Aries

horoscope for aries

The astrology forecast for Aries for the week of 20th May 2019 to 26th May 2019

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Weekly Horoscope for Aries
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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


The week looks like a rather easy one with somewhat exciting energies in store, beginning with the 20th when it seems to be a great deal of energy put into the day then, the 21st when you get little by way of cooperation, it's the 22nd when you have great success with just about everything you put your hand to. Then, the 23rd you get offers from just about every member wanting to have a piece of your success pie to see what they can do to help you get your projects and goals down the road. Everyone loves a winner! Friday the 24th you may have to fly things a bit more solo once again and Saturday the 25th you find cheerful cooperation and what appears to be a highly enjoyable day. Sunday the 26th excellent family gatherings and rich sentiment mark what appears to be a somewhat emotional day but a very gratifying one.


Romance may be heavily laced with 'talking, exchanges, explanations and properly informing' or 'relating' all your feelings, ideas and expectations 'clearly' especially near the 21st to 23rd and again the 25th. BE CLEAR! Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Use tact with all your pals this week but especially any Leo, Cancer, other Ram, Sagittarius or Gemini buddies as they tend to 'be jumpy, easily irritated and prone to display more emotions than they normally do'.


Mistakes in communication and 'transfer of info, facts, amounts, numbers and even "meanings" or explanations' can be distorted this week on, near or from the events of the 20th. Shake it off if you bite into this one and get yourself 'problem free' as quickly as you can the 21st/22nd. Some of you are prone to minor illness/injury and may have to miss a percentage of work or may risk 'poor performance' from being off your game. Follow your gut feelings the 23rd/24th.

Overview for Aries


From 'one extreme to the other' and 'bad to good' for most of you.

State of Mind

Creative but 'frustrated'.

Karma Numbers

4, 9, 14, 22, 40

Buzz Words

Organize and communicate.

Compatible Sign(s)


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

This week's scenario is highlighted by your need to retreat from the world for awhile and spending some quiet time alone to relax and the need to rejuvenate appeals strongly to you now. You may feel like you are at a low ebb and as if nothing is happening or you may simply not want to be “where the action is”. Competitive ambitions and ego drives are on hold now. This is a good time for quiet study and inward reflection. Your intuition and sensitivity to the hidden, behind the scenes aspects of a situation are operating strongly now. However, you are less inclined to speak your mind or take a definite stand on important matters. A wait-and-see attitude is likely to characterize this time period.